Our Partners

Standard Carpets, U.A.E

Standard Carpets is the largest manufacturer of carpets in UAE and also a manufacturer of PVC backed carpet tiles in the Middle East . In a short span of seven years, the company has built up an export market in over 40 countries. With an in-house state of the art yarn extrusion, twisting - cabling and heatset facilities capable of extruding Solution Dyed Nylons and Polypropylene up to 600 tons per month. Standard Carpets manufactures a wide range of tufted carpets in loop pile, cut piles and scrolls from 1/10, 1/8 and 1/12 Gauge.

Yasin Kaplan, Turkey

Kaplanlar Textile Foreign Trade and Ind. Ltd. Co. as the exporter company of Yasin Kaplan Carpet Factory, is one of the largest exporter companies in Turkey. They are the 3rd biggest exporter in Gaziantep city with 100% export of all production capacity of 500.000 sqm per month with 16 computer-based carpet looms (8 color frame) with last technology and brand names of Van de Wiele and Schonherr. They are exporting to all continents and over 40 countries all over the world. Their main products are PP Heatset, PP BCF, Acrylic and Shaggy carpets as well as soft touch Super Shaggy in various qualities from 160.000 points to 1 Million points quality with assorted and most popular colors in the world market. Referring to declared list of Top 1000 companies in Turkey by Chamber of Industry in Istanbul for last year, KAPLAN CARPET was one of the Top 1000 companies.

Oriental Weavers, Egypt

Based in Egypt the Company's principal activity is the design and production of rugs and carpets. The Company exports to over 80 countries worldwide, offering various sized rugs, wall to wall carpets, custom made orders and contract carpets for industrial entities. It is one of the leading rug manufacturers in the world with the widest range. The Company incorporates several subsidiaries, namely 'Oriental Weavers Fibers Company', 'Oriental Weavers USA Inc', and ‘Oriental Weavers UK Ltd' and 'Oriental Weavers International', from which raw materials are manufactured for the production processes of rugs and carpets.

MAC Carpet, Egypt

MAC Carpet was established in 1980 with a total annual production of one million square meters. MAC Carpet is now considered the world number one producer and the leader in the carpet industry for custom printed tailored rugs specifically produced to meet each and every client's demands and individualistic needs, with an outstanding annual production of 53 million square meters. MAC is also one of Egypt's Top exporting firms with more than 90% of all its total production going to more than 107 countries worldwide.

Bahlas National Group of Factories, Saudia Arabia

Bahlas National Group of Factories (BNGF) is a group of factories established to produce a wide range of soft floor covering such wall to wall carpet and its Raw Materials. BNGF is wholly owned by one of the most stable business company in the Kingdom, Ahmad Abdullah Bahlas Establishment. BNGF Products: . Synthetic Carpet Yarn (Polypropylene, Polyamide, Acrylic, Polyester,etc). . Rugs (woven). . Wall to Wall carpets. . Carpet tiles. . Axeminester.

Al-Sorayai Carpet Factory, Saudia Arabia

It is a producer of woven and tufted carpets and rugs for nearly 20 years. They continually strive to improve high standards of quality and freshly innovative ideas. They are widely known in the industry as a leader of quality and design. With new innovations such as their bluebac secondary backing and everfresh treatment, combined with unique perspective on design, development and color, as well as dozens of new introductions per year. They continue to move strongly into the international markets and currently are doing business in more than 50 countries around the world.