Our History

Venus Carpets roots go back to the early 1980s when a small manufacturing unit was set up in the Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (SITE). The company was set up with a limited amount of capital and the production was sufficient enough to feed only a limited market. It was formed as a family business on 100% equity by four brothers and their father (late) Shaikh Mohammed Atique and remains that way even today. The directors believed in sustained growth and believed with the grace of God and their commitment this company can go a long way. Thirst of bearing a name in the soft flooring business compelled the directors to feed their blood to their baby Venus as to flourish it extensively.

Over the years it has grown steadily and consistently. From very small production levels with the passage of time it added new machineries and new production facilities to become one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Pakistan. They shifted their production facilities to the Industrial Estate of Hattar in the year 1991 with greater production capacities and newer production techniques. Expansions took place from tufting cut pile synthetic wall to wall carpets, it stretched to a number of varieties, plain cut piles in a number of constructions, plain plus graphic loop pile.

Venus Carpets realized that this field is so vast that they cannot manufacture every variety in house due to resource constraints. They also felt that if they start importing a few varieties which are not being manufactured locally this would give them an edge. So from the year 1995, Venus also became an importer and started importing from Belgium, Saudia Arabia, United States, Turkey, Iran and China. Soon they acquired sole rights in Pakistan to represent many international leading companies. The volume of imports increased drastically that it has now even over taken the volume of local productions. This enabled Venus to have the largest variety amongst all competition and respond to the varied taste of customers.

In the late 90's Venus saw the increased trends of hard floorings. In order to combat that they started working on a new related line that of area rugs, door mats, centre pieces and runners. In the beginning they started that from a small scale. With the passage of time they got a grip over this business and managed to build their own variety and then gave it a separate entity in the year 2006 that of Venus Rugs. They started importing it from Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Belgium, and Egypt and at the same time started local productions. Today Venus Carpets has one of the biggest ranges of Area Rugs in Pakistan.

Venus has come a long way since its inception. Sheer hard work of its directors, dedication of its employees and the grace of God all has made Venus a successful brand in Pakistan. Today Venus Carpets is a well known and respected brand throughout Pakistan. They enjoy the status of a market leader and still have a long way to go.


Venus Carpets is Become One of the Leading Manufacturing Company Operating in Pakistan
Apart from its Own Manufacturing Venus Carpets also Represents Some top Ranked Carpet Manufacturers Around the World.
Quality & Customization to the Market Needs has been the Central Focus of the Company since its Inception.
Offering Wide Range of Flooring options Specializing in Soft Flooring with the Largest Variety available in the Market.