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Pigeon Pakistan Quality & Safety Assurance Team is involved in every stage of a toy's development, and throughout the manufacturing process as well. Our products meet the most stringent international safety standards and are constantly and continually tested to make sure they comply with those standards.


As a mum, you want to know you're using the highest-quality products for your little one.Pigeon Pakistan cares about your baby which means that our team is committed to quality & safety throughout the entire development and production process - making sure that your baby has the best trustable products.


We know firsthand how overwhelming and confusing it can be to shop for a baby. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.We understand the mother and a child relationship. That's why we are here to provide the best range products from maternity to child care.

The Best Start

By making it easier for you and your baby to switch between breast and bottles, you can continue to give your little one the goodness of your breastmilk, whatever the circumstances.

About Pigeon

Parents across the world, regardless of their nationality or culture have one thing in common, “they want just the absolute best for their child”. Pigeon Pakistan is a one-stop solution to meet all your needs from maternity to childcare. Our desire is to become a partner in caring for your baby, where a load of work, research and thoughts goes into even the most minor of our products. Above all, we wanted to provide parents with all the information and reviews they need to make the best decisions about gear for their newborn.